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Lock in your colour with these 8 professional tips

How do you keep your gorgeous new colour from losing its vibrancy?

All colour will fade with time but follow these easy professional tips and you’ll keep your colour looking salon-fresh longer between visits, explains Kayleigh.

But first…

Why does my colour fade?

Quite simply, our hair is porous and over time, the colour molecules wash away, causing the colour to fade says Kayleigh. Exposure to sunlight, frequent washing, hot styling tools and harsh chemicals all speed up this natural process.

Let’s look at the best ways to reduce colour fading:

1. Wait 72 hours to shampoo

Avoid washing your hair for at least three days after your colour appointment advises Kayleigh. The colouring process opens up the hair cuticle to receive the pigment, so leave time for the cuticle to close and ‘trap’ the colour in before shampooing at home.

2. Invest in products formulated for colour-treated hair

Invest in shampoo and conditioner specifically for coloured hair such as Kerastase Chroma Range.

These products are specifically formulated to gently cleanse your hair without stripping colour and to help retain vibrancy, shield against damage and prevent fade.

3. Wash hair less frequently

As each wash can strip away a little colour try to only shampoo only 2-3 times a week. Try using a dry shampoo, like Chroma Respect, once a week to stretch out the time between washes.

4. Stay cool

Hot water opens the hair shaft and allows the colour to wash out cautions Kayleigh, so turn the water temperature to cool to help lock in the colour.

5. Protect against the sun

The sun not only damages your skin but also your hair, with UVA rays fading colour and UVB leading to breakage. Kerastase Huile Sirene is a non-oily spray, applied to damp or dry hair and is like sunscreen for your skin. It’s a good choice for anyone who likes a light, invisible product.

If you’re going to be in strong sun all day, say poolside, then protect your hair with a hat or scarf too.

And talking of poolside…

6. Chlorine fade

“Harsh pool chemicals can wreak havoc on your hair condition and colour says Kayleigh. Choose a specifically formulated chlorine-removal shampoo – I like Bain Apres-Soleil from Kerastase which gently removes chlorine from your hair and scalp without stripping away much-needed moisture.”

The cocktail of chemicals in pools can also leave blonde hair with a brassy hue. Ask your stylist to recommend a purple shampoo to banish the brass.

7. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Adding hydration back in is key as dry or brittle hair is far more susceptible to colour fading. Apply a deep conditioning mask, like Masque Apres- Soleil weekly to your mid-lengths and ends to hydrate, strengthen and reduce colour fade.

8. Dial down the heat

Heated tools damage hair and accelerate colour fade as they fry the cuticle leaving hair frazzled, dry and damaged.

My top two tips are:

Take a break from heated tools and hairdryers by air-drying your hair naturally once a week.

When you do use heated tools, turn the heat down and always, always use a heat protector – Lotion Thermique Sublimatrice is a favourite with many of my clients.

Fight the fade

Remember, the healthier your hair is and the more gentle you are with it, the longer your colour will last. While it’s impossible to prevent hair colour from fading completely, follow these professional tips to help prolong the vibrancy of your colour and keep it looking salon-fresh between appointments.

Need some help and advice? Just ask me or one of our team, we love to help and we can recommend the right products and techniques for your hair.

Lots of love Kayleigh x

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