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Hair Extensions

Looking to add length and volume to your hair? Have you thought about hair extensions?

Our specialists offer the highest quality, natural looking human hair extensions services to give you the long, thick, healthy looking hair you’ve always dreamed of.

Free Extensions Upgrade

Available March & April 2024

When you have our Premium Hair Nano Tip Extensions in March or April, at your fitting appointment you’ll enjoy a FREE luxury upgrade worth over £100

  • A Cut & Style or Blow Dry
  • Kérastase Fusio Hair treatment (worth £17)
  • Voila Hair Extension Shampoo & Conditioner Gift Bag (worth £24)
  • An Extensions Check appointment after one week (worth £30)
  • PLUS a £30 voucher for your first Extensions Refit

Simply book your complimentary Extensions consultation to get started…

*Free upgrade is available when you have our Full Head Extensions during March or April 2024. A complimentary Extensions consultation is required prior to fitting. Premium Hair supply & fitting prices will be confirmed at your consultation. Free upgrade is not available in conjunction with any other offer. Appointments subject to availabilty.

Nano tip hair extensions

Nano tip hair extensions are the most discreet extensions on the market and can be added to even the finest of hair.

The tiny Nano ring is threaded onto the piece of hair extension and then clamped close for a secure fit.

If you’re looking to add volume or length to your hair without the use of potentially damaging glues, heat or braids, then Nano ring extensions are the solution!.

Hair Extension Range

Double-drawn, ethically sourced human hair that lasts up to a year providing the after care advice is followed.. Available in lengths from 16-26 inches.

Prices include hair, nano ring fitting, cutting and styling.

Example Pricing from:

  • Partial 16-18″ (25g) – £98
  • Half Head 18″ (100g) – £405
  • Half Head 20″ (100g) – £434 (+£25 / 22″) (+£60 / 24″) (+£85 / 26″)
  • Full Head 18″  (150g) – £565 (+£40 / 20″) (+£75 / 22″) (+£130 / 24″)
  • Extra Full Head Available

Please book a free consultation for your bespoke quotation.

Removal And Refitting Your Hair Extensions

As your natural hair grows the extension moves further down the hair shaft and your natural hair shedding will mean less hair is connected to the extension piece.

To keep your hair extensions looking their best we recommend removing and refitting them every 6-10 weeks.

Removal Only Prices from:

  • Partial (20g-50g) – £25
  • Half Head (50g-100g) – £40
  • Full Head (100g-160g) – £60
  • Extra Full (160g >) – £70

Removal And Refitting From:

  • Partial (20g-50g) – £80
  • Half Head (50g-100g) – £122.50
  • Full Head (100g-160g) – £170
  • Extra Full (160g >) – £197.50
Extensions before
Extensions fittings
Extensions after

What our guests say

Abbi has been fitting my nano hair extensions for the last 14 months and I’m always happy with the end results every time!

Abbi is both patient and professional and takes time to ensure every strand is fitted neatly, securely and discreetly… my hair always blends seamlessly. I won’t go anywhere else now – thank you Abbi.



Your hair extension questions answered

Which extension service is best for me?

We will offer a complimentary pre-extension consultation where we recommend which service is best for you, colour match your hair and explain what to expect.

We take a deposit prior to ordering your hair which varies according  the amount of hair required. Please allow five days after your initial consultation before scheduling your extension fitting.

  • Choose Partial Head: To lengthen and/or thicken the sides of the head, to add more style and shape or add thickness to an area.
  • Choose Half Head: To slightly lengthen or thicken your natural hair. Also great for those with fine hair.
  • Choose Full Head: To add a lot more length to the hair and create a much thicker appearance.
  • Choose Extra Full Head: If your hair is naturally very thick but you want to create more length. The thicker your natural hair is, the more hair you will need for coverage and blend. This is also great for those looking for an extra full glamorous look.

Will Nano ring extensions damage my own hair?

As there is no heat or glue involved in the fitting, nano rings are considered the gentlest extensions to avoid damage to your natural hair. You will experience some shedding but natural shedding is normal.

Our experts will guide you as to whether nano rings are best for you.

How long does my own hair have to be to have extensions?

We recommend your own hair is at least 4-5″ and 3”in the nape.

Caring for your hair extensions

To keep your extensions hair looking great and lasting for the optimal amount of time we give you an aftercare programme and answer all your questions at your appointment. Please keep to this programme otherwise your hair extensions may not last as long as they could and your natural hair could become weakened and damaged.

To wash your hair, first, gently brush your hair whilst holding the root area. Always wash your hair with the head upright – never over a bath – and ideally in a shower.

Using a specialist shampoo (which we will recommend) the hair should be gently massaged on the scalp with your fingertips. Do not wash the hair in circular motions and never rub the hair together to avoid tangles and matting. Avoid applying conditioner to the root area and never go to bed with wet hair.

At bedtime, simply brush your hair and pop it into a low ponytail or plait.

Interested to learn more?

Book a free hair extension consultation our specialist stylists, Syan & Kayleigh

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